Solapoly is the world's first NFT based board game!

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How were Solapoly NFTs created?

All cities in the world were selected based on their income and population. A 10,000-piece NFT collection was created, consisting of 2,000 of the highest value cities. Each city has 5 different NFT cards, including 1,2,3,4 storey houses and 1 hotel. With the special algorithm we established, a rental price was defined for the buildings in these cities. The rarity of NFT cards is sorted by their rental cost.

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2. Play to earn: Gamers can earn reward tokens by playing solapoly. Thanks to the GameFi feature of the Solapoly game, they can exchange their earned tokens for real money.

3. Stake to earn: NFT holders can earn money without selling their NFTs. The revolutionary NFT Staking method allows them to earn Solapoly tokens by locking their NFTs in the system. Thus, they earn passive income whenever they hold NFTs.

What is Solapoly and how is it played?

Solapoly is a browser-based game that is being built on the SOLANA ecosystem.

Each player enters the game with their city NFTs. A value is set for these NFTs before the game starts. If the player accepts this valuation, the game starts, otherwise he leaves the table. The player who wins the game is entitled to receive all the other players’ NFTs for free. Gaining experience in free game rooms will give you an advantage in the game.


Solapoly NFT is a collection of 10000 items belonging to 2000 cities to be used in the Solapoly game. The game is designed to be played with Solapoly city cards.

It is a system where influencers who like the Solapoly project can earn money by promoting their followers. Influencers share their referral links on their social media and earn 0.3 SOL from the purchases of the followers who come through the referral link.

It is a revolutionary method where people who buy NFTs can earn money without selling their NFTs. It allows them to earn Solapoly tokens by locking their NFTs in the system. Thus, they earn passive income whenever they hold NFTs. During the elapsed time, they both benefit from the NFT value increase and earn tokens.

Coming Soon

You can mint a random Solapoly NFT on our website or select the one you want when they get listed on Solanart marketplace.

Mint price is 3 SOL

There no limit. it means you can mint one NFT per transaction but you are free to create unlimited transactions.

Yes, full intellectual properties are given to the buyer.

There is a rarity system arranged according to the rental prices of the cities. In this system, the card with higher rent is more valuable. After the mint, an evaluation tool will be published where you can check the rarity of the card you have.

The game is designed on NFT cards. That’s why you can’t play without owning a Solapoly NFT. You need to rent a card to play the game. With its revolutionary structure, the NFT Staking system will automatically bring together those who want to rent their cards with those who want to rent them.


July 2021
July 2021


  • The project started with a team of 9 people (3 software developers, 6 designers)
  • The city list was extracted and the ranking algorithm was created
  • The drawing of NFTs has begun. The game algorithm was created and the designs started to be drawn
August 2021
August 2021


  • 10,000 NFTs are ready
  • The basic design drawings of the game are finished
  • The game infrastructure started to be coded
October 2021
October 2021


  • Website created
  • Twitter page created
  • NFTs are included in the SOLANA ecosystem
  • A special mint page will be made until launch
  • Post-launch, the rarity calculation page will be created
  • Reference code system was created. Anyone using a referral code will earn 0.3 SOL per NFT
  • Competitions with prizes for $Sol, $Sbr, $Port, $Grape, $Parrot and $Samo will be held on Twitter
December 2021
December 2021


  • The launch will take place
  • The private marketplace page will be opened, where users can buy and sell NFT
  • Agreements will be made with corporate NFT listing sites
  • NFT staking feature will be added
January 2022
January 2022


  • In-game images will be shared on Twitter as images and videos
  • The beta version of the game will be released
  • A competition will be held for the beta version via Twitter
February 2022
February 2022


  • The free version of the game will be live
  • A special meeting will be held with all players for all opinions, suggestions and complaints about the game
March 2022
March 2022


  • A game-specific token will be created through the Solana ecosystem
  • Token holders will receive special privileges in the game